Spotlighting 51 Locally Owned Businesses In West Broward

The Project

We know people prefer to buy local. In fact, national companies are now branding themselves to look and feel like local businesses. Our mission is to help small locally owned businesses in the West Broward community expand their reach and grow their online presence.

One of the biggest challenges for locally owned businesses is establishing a strong community network, so that potential customers can find and choose local. This challenge is intensified by the ability of nationally owned businesses to invest large sums of money into branding, advertising and online networking.

We believe in supporting and investing in our local community. That’s why we started the Fifty One In project. Over the next year, our goal is to spotlight 51 locally owned businesses in our West Broward community. This will bring targeted information about them to the web, where the majority of people turn today to find what they are looking for. We also will promote local events and “live local” ideas, so you can easily follow what’s happening in your neighborhood to get out & get to know your neighbors.

These spotlights are just the beginning. We aim to build a quality comprehensive network for our community, so our neighbors can choose to support each other. If you are a local business owner, please contact us for more information about receiving a free spotlight.

Chameleon Mexican Grill


Located in the Weston Town Center, Chameleon Mexican Grill is a delicious smart choice for fast food.  Featuring Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Burrito Bowls and Salads in made-to-order fashion, they offer tasty fresh food at fair prices.


They pride themselves on using organic and sustainably grown products when possible,  never using microwaves, preservatives, trans fats or msg.  In addition to natural steak, chicken and carnitas, they offer wild caught mahi mahi and shrimp. You won’t get your beans from a can here, and they use natural sea salt to reduce the sodium content normally found in fast-food style food.  Their tortilla chips are made fresh daily with 100% whole-grain corn and they offer whole grain tortillas and brown rice.    


The atmosphere is funky with music and changing color lights.  They offer various seating including booths, indoor/outdoor tables and even a little bar off to the side.



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