Spotlighting 51 Locally Owned Businesses In West Broward

The Project

We know people prefer to buy local. In fact, national companies are now branding themselves to look and feel like local businesses. Our mission is to help small locally owned businesses in the West Broward community expand their reach and grow their online presence.

One of the biggest challenges for locally owned businesses is establishing a strong community network, so that potential customers can find and choose local. This challenge is intensified by the ability of nationally owned businesses to invest large sums of money into branding, advertising and online networking.

We believe in supporting and investing in our local community. That’s why we started the Fifty One In project. Over the next year, our goal is to spotlight 51 locally owned businesses in our West Broward community. This will bring targeted information about them to the web, where the majority of people turn today to find what they are looking for. We also will promote local events and “live local” ideas, so you can easily follow what’s happening in your neighborhood to get out & get to know your neighbors.

These spotlights are just the beginning. We aim to build a quality comprehensive network for our community, so our neighbors can choose to support each other. If you are a local business owner, please contact us for more information about receiving a free spotlight.

Don’t Toss It, FREECYCLE!

It’s always a shame to see perfectly useable furniture sitting on the side of the road. If we’re lucky, someone will drive by and seize the opportunity to pick up the free stuff, but it’s more likely that furniture will get rained on or weathered by the sun, and eventually hauled off to the landfill.


Times are tough for lots of our neighbors, and one way people are helping each other out (and keeping usable items out of our landfills) is through The Freecycle Network.


This is a great network to join if you haven’t already.  It’s hyperlocal, so you only need to sign up for the areas that you’re willing to travel.   You might be surprised what people will pick up; even broken items and scraps may be useful to someone.  I’ve had organizations scoop up broken electronics to refurbish and donate to those in need.  I’ve also had artists and teachers pick up bottle caps and scrap paper.  I’ve personally refurbished a side table and collected pots for my patio garden.


Don’t underestimate the creativity of freecyclers in the art of refurbishing and reusing items.   In addition to offering your used items, you may also post if you’re in need of a used-something-in-particular. This venue is just great for connecting with your neighbors and living local.

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